Pride Coming Up June 24 & 25

I would suggest we advertise with local publications and websites rather than behemoths like Facebook and Google. We want people to step outside the box and choose a political alternative to the two big, established parties; let's encourage that kind of decentralization in society by ourselves choosing an alternative to the dominant Internet sites.

  If we can't get the non-profit rates next year, we could set up a couple tables on the sidewalk outside the festival area and/or having a mobile team walk around and hand stuff out.

Love & Liberty,
                              ((( starchild )))

Hi Mike, Richard, Starchild, and All. We will miss you, Mike--have fun in
Europe! Thanks, Richard, for your offer to help out on Sunday, which is
the crazier of the two days. Just show up when you can on Sunday, and I'll
be very happy with that. The busiest time seems to be anytime between noon
and 3 PM, so anytime in that range will be the most helpful, though of
course no need to stay that long.

Starchild, while I am no fan of Facebook or Google (I don't even use
Facebook), those companies are getting most of the action these days, so if
we want to get our name out there more, those mediums will reach more
folks. While I prefer printed sources myself, I think it's pretty obvious
that most folks, especially younger ones, are getting all their advertising
these days on their phones. I'm not opposed to using smaller (and cheaper)
sources, so who would you suggest? Marcy has offered to handle
Facebook/Google if the LPSF authorizes funds for advertising there, but if
we go for local, smaller companies, are you willing to do that yourself?
Remember: Pride is only 10 days away, and there would be no point
advertising at the last minute.

As for setting up tables outside the fair if the cost gets too high, I'm
not in favor of that because it's too much work setting up a booth to have
to take it down when the cops chase us down, not to mention it would be a
major hassle not being tied down to other booths on each side when the
winds kick up in the afternoon. Furthermore, it would make it look like
the Libertarians are too cheap (and tacky) to pay for a regular booth like
all the other vendors. Walking around passing out brochures would make
more sense budgetwise, but not having a regular booth would greatly
decrease our presence as we couldn't showcase all our literature, the WSPQ,
and the spinning wheel. Having a booth gives the LPSF (or Outright) a base
of operation for folks to stop by and visit--otherwise we'd just be like so
many other strangers passing out brochures. When folks stop by our booth,
they usually want to talk or learn a little more about Libertarianism; when
you pass out brochures to random strangers passing by--I don't think we
accomplish much. Indeed this very well may be our last time at Pride, so
let's make the most of it this year!


I'm willing to vote for funds to advertise on Facebook/Google Francoise Fielding 820 Stanyan Street,#5 San Francisco, CA 94117 415-386-8643