Pride 2018

Definitely. We will for sure miss Aubrey and the work he puts in doing the Pride booth, among other things for the party here!

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))

Thanks to you all for putting in the time for outreach, and thanks
Aubrey for the great report!

Definitely. We will for sure miss Aubrey and the work he puts in doing
the Pride booth, among other things for the party here!>
Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))

Thank you everyone....great report Aubrey.


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From: Aubrey Freedman [lpsf-activists]
Sent: Monday, June 25, 9:28 AM
Subject: [lpsf-activists] Pride 2018
To: ExComm LPSM
Cc: Georgia Qiao, Jawg Greenwald, Andrea Campton, Uncle
&quot,Brent/Gary&quot, Zsagee>>

Hi All. Another pride has come and gone, and I would like to extend
a heartfelt thanks to this year's helpers: Zhongying, Jawj, Brent,
Andrea, and Starchild. The crowds were in good spirits, the weather
was warm but not too hot, the winds were mild, and all went according
to schedule without mishaps. As always, the World's Smallest
Political Quiz and the Spinning Wheel of Crazy San Francisco Laws
proved to be fun and informative for all who stopped by our booth. I
can't say the results on the WSPQ leaned any more Libertarian than
usual, but at least we made a comeback today as the dots were
definitely heavier in the Liberal-Left quadrant yesterday at day's
end, but by today's end of Pride, it looked much more balanced
between the Liberal-Left, Libertarian, and Centrist sections. On the
spinning wheel, we added 2 new crazy San Francisco laws this year,
and one of the booth visitors was a young lady who specifically told
us about a time years ago when she and her brother were selling
lemonade in Golden Gate Park as kids, and a cop came up to them and
told them they would have to stop because they didn't have a permit.
Living proof of one of the crazy SF laws on the spinning wheel, and
we mentioned this incident to others who took a spin.>>
Donations were scant at $7, but 13 folks who scored well in the quiz
or were otherwise interested in Libertarianism left their contact
information, and there were at least two or three others who didn't
want to leave their information, so I gave them my card so they could
come to our website themselves. Two different folks were interested
in one of my own personal books that I displayed for "suggested
reading" written by Lavoy Finicum, who died in Oregon under
questionable circumstances during the Malheur Refuge incident in
2016, so I wrote out the information for them so they could get the
book themselves. As always, we gave out tons of brochures and
actually ran out of the pink pamphlet this time. We also gave out at
least 50 of Phil's poster with the transgender person holding the
Murray Rothbard book.>>
I had several interesting conversations with our booth visitors
during this Pride. Probably the most interesting (and challenging)
one was a long discussion on Saturday with a young African-American
lady who was pretty libertarian but was bothered by the Libertarian
position on private discrimination. She called it flippant. She
"got it" regarding the fuss over gay wedding cakes and all that and
agreed it was inappropriate to run to the government when there were
plenty of other companies available to get the cakes from. However,
when it came to the issue of hotel and restaurant owners not catering
to African-American customers 60 years ago, this was a more touchy
issue. We went several rounds on discussion on this one, and she was
not fully satisfied with my explanations but seemed to concede that
it was possible that government intervention might not have been
necessary to remedy the situation. She said she would return to
leave her contact information the next day as the conversation seemed
to end on a positive note, and I wasn't sure she would, but happily
she did return to the booth today and filled out one of our
information sheets. Outreach isn't always easy but ultimately it's
worthwhile and fulfilling.>>
A special thanks to Zhongying and Andrea in their first outreach
efforts who both went way beyond the call of duty and took the bull
by the horns.>>


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