Prevent Blindness America 2008 Congressional Candidate Survey

They asked four or five questions about wether I would support various programs for the blind , and or the prevention there of....

Here is my response. Please feel free to repost ,as I haven't.

  I answered No, NO,NO, NO and heres why...

I am legally blind and have been for 8 years and had lazy eye as a child thatmy responsible parents were very proactive about. I wore a patch and it strengthen my left eye. Later in life, I went nearly completely blind in my right, and I am quite thankful for my parents diligence Every where that ,except the post office , and DMV, I am treated with respect, dignity and proper help. When the government is asked to do the work of responsible mothers , fathers, family, and community, it hurts the human fabric of effective instit;utions who voluntarily take on the responsibility for those most in need. Aid for the blind , and those who have clear challenges is a natural human emotional drive, as much as greed, and sloth. Private institutions foster these emotions. The destruction of these functions by government intervention has destroyed much of the humane fabric of society. I All of the activities, except standardization, are too important to be trusted to be given to the human institution whose primary centralization and culture tends to not nuture effective , loving assistance.

Just beautiful Phil....thank you.

What I want to know is what's being done to prevent the kind of blindness demonstrated by most members of Congress. Phil is a living embodiment of the old archetype from the Greek tale of Oedipus, wherein the blind man is able to see what's going on better than those with full use of their eyes.

Love & Liberty,
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