PRESS RELEASE Christine Smith for President Campaign Update

Christine Smith for President Campaign Update
A personal message from Christine Smith, Libertarian candidate for


I am happy to share my campaign is progressing very well!

I take this opportunity to invite everyone of you to my campaign website:

And please view my first website campaign video (YouTube) when you
come to my website.

Even if you've been there before, come again because there's much new

Join my campaign email list so you'll be kept updated on my campaign
travels, new videos, interviews, etc.
The campaign website features my platform/issues, bio, humanitarian
work (recipient of The Outstanding American Award in 2002
& The Amigas Intl. Peace prize in 2000), multimedia interviews, and
much more.

I have attended the Libertarian Party Conventions of San Diego,
Oregon, New Mexico, and Indiana.

I have reached millions of non-Libertarians with our message of
liberty by appearing on numerous AM-Radio talk shows
nationwide.(Listen to archives on the website.)

Our radio ads continue to be broadcast on radio stations (aired on
radio stations as well as Internet radio shows since March 2007);
we've bought print publication ads in addition to more internet
advertising which we began very early in the campaign...and the
response from non-Libertarians is increasing.

The emails we are receiving from non-Libertarians indicate the
American people like my message and as a result are developing
interest in learning more about the LP. We are aware of quite a few
who have developed an interest in the LP and who have changed their
party affiliation due to my campaign...this is wonderful news to me.

Thank you to all those who are expressing their faith in my campaign
and my ability to be our spokesperson by your support are
the ones who make this campaign possible...and I will remember you.

If you haven't yet met me or spoken with me, visit our multimedia and
our radio archive page. I am a passionate speaker for what I believe,
and I believe in liberty and the LP. Come listen at the website, and
watch my new video introducing myself and my campaign. (PODCASTS also
available of my responses to Bush's weekly radio address.)

I am looking forward to meeting many more Libertarians nationwide this
year, and appreciate hearing from website visitors. (We also have
campaign literature, bumper stickers, and opportunities for volunteers
to help.)

If you are someone who is willing to be a volunteer for your
state/area, let us know (email us through the campaign website).

Come to my website, learn who I am, what I stand for, listen/view my
campaign website video, listen to AM radio interviews with me, and
learn what I am already achieving and will accomplish for the LP and
our message...and then get in touch with us.

If you're a Libertarian who wants there to be a strong passionate
articulate voice for individual liberty and personal responsibility
all the way through the entire 2008 presidential election, then
support my campaign now - not later.

Now is the time to help me share my campaign with as many Libertarians
and non-Libertarians as possible.

No other LP candidate has brought our message of liberty to as many
non-Libertarians I have (visit Media Coverage page for details &

Visit my campaign website & sign up for the email list (you'll be
notified of campaign travels, interviews, and every time a new
campaign video is available, etc.)

Watch my new campaign website video & listen to radio interviews with me.

Get in touch with us.

I am greatly encouraged by the support of those of you who make every
effort to share my message with your friends. Thank you!

Please join us!

Thank you,
Christine Smith

Christine Smith for President
15400 W. 64th Ave., E9-105
Arvada, Colorado 80007
phone: (303) 532-4185