Powers Behind the Throne

Well, the Commie-pinko liberal media has struck again! Some enterprising journalist of the old school crashed a party thrown by the Wall Street elite and gave us a transcript. Of course, the 'respectable' media (e.g. the one under Murdoch's thumb) hasn't bothered to publish it much, so we turn to the internet.

There's a link to the full audio and transcript included, but I thought this breakdown of the attendees and their 'investments' in America's political future might be of interest:


Anyone still want to argue that the 'Tea Party' is a populist movement?

Populist? They are 90% Republican, so difficult to ascribe populist to the group. Good that MJ published the article, but is it really news? The labor union types fight for their largess, the corporate type for theirs. And the rest of us just pay up.


Hi Marcy;

  LOL---you're right, but I think it was probably news to a lot of people! But the Far Right so dominates the US media, it's especially important to expose what they're doing. The media attacks the political Left with the same venom it attacks libertarianism, so most of what the liberals do is public knowledge.