Poster budgeting

Hi Scott:
  For the group to approve this, we need to know how much the shipping would cost.

  Starchild wrote:

I just sent the following as part of a longer message to the LPSF
list. If you need to move on this before Saturday, or anything in the
amounts below looks out of place, please let me know.

Love & Liberty,
<<< starchild >>>

As for the poster, since the meeting is only two days away, I suppose
we should put the budget authorization to the full membership at this
point, assuming there's no pressing reason on Scott's end to act
before Saturday. I suggest we put in the actual language of the
proposal as follows, to save some time on the item: moved that we
authorize spending up to $950 from the LPSF's account, including any
donations specifically made to cover the cost of the poster, to be
allocated as follows -- $300 for the artist, $500 for printing, and
$150 or possibly less for shipping, with the recommendation to Scott
that we go with the cheaper ground shipping option if the savings is
more than $50, otherwise paying for the safer $150 delivery method.

One update -- the printer now tells me he can't find boxes big enough to
ship the posters via UPS Ground so it will have to be on a pallet via
commercial freight. He says he can deliver to a freight terminal near
you guys and you can pick them up and put them in a pickup truck or SUV.