Poster activism, supplies & storage


  It's rather insulting to begin a message "dose of reality." Please save it for your letters to the editor where you're taking statist politicians to task. Most organizations named on materials posted in a manner contrary to government regulations are *not* fined, just as most people who jaywalk or smoke pot don't get fined. Similarly stupid and largely unenforceable rules.

  However I'm amenable to agreeing to pay any fines and costs of removal for putting up the posters incurred by the LPSF, should we be fined and fail to get the fine overturned after contesting it to the extent we are reasonably able.

  Regarding construction site clapboards, if there is no "post no bills" signage, I think it's reasonable to treat it the way one would a bulletin board posted on private property -- it's implicitly permissible to post there. And if the clapboards are on public property, then they are certainly fair game imho.

Love & Liberty,
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