Possible lawsuit

I strongly disagree. The Credico proposed case had no merit at all. Credico
was already on the ballot. He wanted a separate ballot line for every
little third party that had nominated him. If successful, a candidate could
get dozens of newly formed parties to nominate him and insist on a ballot
line for each one, filling up the ballot and making it unreadable.

The case we have now is far stronger. The New York requirement that a new
party get 50,000 votes in a year when the governor is being elected but not
in a year that the president is being elected is unreasonable and should be
changed, especially since the governor is elected in off-years with low
voter turn-out.

By the way, Mark Axinn botched the two strong cases we had in 2010 because
he ignored the statute of limitations. Don't mess us up again.

I know Aaron Maslow well, by the way.

Sam Sloan