Possible Action Item for LPSF

Hi Aubrey,

Hi Starchild,

You just go to the grand jury website, print the citizens' complaint form, fill it in, and fax or mail to the grand jury. The one part I could not find info on is whether organizations can be the complainants or only individuals can submit the form.


Hi Starchild and Marcy! I'm thinking about filing complaints from the LPSF (I will sign as Chair) and also having individual members file their own complaints separately as citizens. It would seem like the more complaints the better, and I'm sure as individualistic as we are, we can come up with separate things to complain about. Heather just sent me some of her stuff and said to file the complaints as quickly as possible, since the new juries were just seated and they will be deciding what to investigate now. So, as always perfection being the goal, but more important to file the complaints now and just get them in while the subject is hot.

Yes, Starchild, I did read your email, but when this came up suddenly, no time to squeeze it in the regular agenda. However, I will mention it during Announcements so folks know about it. Don't burn up in Las Vegas!