Positive Guardian article on prostitution in the works

Ann Harrison, the libertarian I mentioned who works for the Guardian, just interviewed me for a cover story she is preparing for the upcoming issue on the Sex Workers Outreach Project and the fight for legal prostitution.

  Her editor Steve Jones turns out to be a guy I've hung out and argued politics with socially. A conventional leftist, she told me that he nixed the idea of including me in the cover shot on the grounds that I appeared in the photo they published of SWOP members outside City Hall a few weeks ago. Which Ann and I both agreed didn't make much sense, since at least two of the three women apparently slated to be on the cover were also in that picture. I suspect he wants to minimize the libertarian angle, so hopefully he will not edit her story too much. I'm hoping for some good quotes.

  Anyway, I've sent Ann a bunch of sex work related links from FreeMarket.net, and the current and original LP platform statements on prostitution. Please send me any ideas you have for other angles you think ought to be covered. Monday is her drop-dead deadline for the piece.

Yours in liberty,
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