Police Shoot Therapy Dog While Serving Warrant for Unpaid Vehicle Registration at Wrong House

"LEANDER, TX — Leander Police went to the home of James and Renata
Simmons acting on a warrant for unpaid vehicle registration on June 17,
2013. The warrant, however, was for a completely different town – Cedar
Park, TX, and was for a person named Bradly Neal Simpson, someone the
Simmons family, who have lived at this address for the past nine years,
have never even heard of.

Officers walking around the rear of the property saw Vinny, a German
Shepherd therapy dog, running free within his fence along with another
German Shepherd. Police fired at Vinny, firing 3 times with one bullet
hitting him in the back of his neck. ..."


Seriously people. How much longer do we tolerate this kind of shit from
our ostensible servants?

It's an epidemic of senseless violence and brutal domination, led by society's role models.

Naturally, unbalanced persons will act out along the line of the dominating attitudes and behaviors: Gifford, Aurora, Newtown, etc.

We have promoted society's lowest elements to society's leading elements, first with the most ruthless, then the most helpless, and now with the most ignorant, brutal, and violent.

The police-state is the end game before destruction.