[Please don't raise LP dues]

I really don't know who he is.
I was talking to the LPCa Chair Aaron Starr today and I
asked him. He had no clue, either.

And no, I didn't do a google search.
Just tell me and save me the research!

(I really have no clue.)

Ouch. Not even Aaron, huh? Okay. (grumble)

You'd have to search for "Jim Taggart" and "Libertarian", but then the top
14 hits on Google correctly point out that Jim Taggart was one of the chief
antagonists (and brother of the protagonist, Dagny Taggart) in Ayn Rand's
classic libertarian novel, _Atlas Shrugged_. Jim Taggart's rallying cry was
that it was okay for him and his big-government cronies to screw the little
guy as long as none of them made any personal profit by their actions.
(That's why it followed your comment that neither you nor the LPCa would get
any of the revenue increase.)

Oh, and "Who is John Galt?" is a phrase used repeatedly through the novel.
I would explain why it's relevant, but it would give away the ending, and I
WANT YOU AND AARON STARR TO READ THIS BOOK before running for re-election to
your posts. It's important for men in such influential positions to have
read it.