Platform Committee

Dear Friends:As a former San Francisco Libertarian (now in the East Bay), I am sorry to see such a vigorous disagreement, but I'm sure you are both sincerely advocating on behalf of what you think is best for the LP.For what it's worth, I wanted to share my opinion on the platform and explain why I won't be attending the state convention this year.I believe that a party that seriously aspires to impact state policies needs a state platform. It doesn't have to be long, but it does have to address issues that concern our California neighbors such as housing and homelessness.From this perspective, the outcome of last year's convention was extremely disappointing. The platform committee's approach was misguided and the result - no platform - was awful.I invested considerable time in drafting a short platform for the LPC this year and submitted it to the committee. It does not appear to have received serious consideration. I don't know whether the committee has made meaningful progress and I am afraid we're heading for another train wreck in LA next month.Rather than throw good time after bad, I decided to stop participating. I hope one day the party will become more serious in how it handles issues like this. The state could use a viable third party.Meanwhile, I have an op-ed on BART coming out in the East Bay Times tomorrow and a piece on school bonds in CalMatters next week. It seems more productive for me to communicate with readers across the political spectrum than spend time on dysfunctional internal party politics - at least for now.If anybody wants to work with me in opposing the CCSF bond measure on the March ballot please drop me a line.Marc