Plan C - Candidate Questionnaire Responses

Plan C San Francisco
Board of Supervisors Candidate Questionnaire
November 2006 Election

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. Based on the answers to the questions below, some candidates will be invited for an interview with Plan Cís endorsement committee in early September. Please return your completed questionnaire no later than the end of the day on Friday, August 25 to† HYPERLINK "mailto:plancsf@…" plancsf@….

Name: Starchild
Phone number: (415) 621-7932
Email address: RealReform@...
FPPC number (if you have one):
1. Please provide any background or biographical information about yourself that you think we should have (including any endorsements that you have already obtained), and let us know why you think we should endorse you for Supervisor.

I believe endorsements should be made based on the issues, not on what other endorsements a person has, or what political offices he or she has held. What matters, in my view, is simply whether a candidate stands for freedom and is going to vote accordingly, or not. I do and will.

2. If elected, what are your chief policy priorities?

I seek to reduce the size, power, and expense of city government, and put decisions back in the hands of individual San Franciscans. I have quite a few ideas about how to do this, far too many to list here. But three of my major policy priorities include capping city officials' salaries at $99,999 a year, having the SFPD focus enforcement on real crime like murder and robbery instead of victimless crimes, and cutting the taxes and fees that fall most heavily on poor people and small businesses, such as sales tax, parking tickets, and licensing fees.

3. Current SF law allows only 200 condo conversions per year.† Do you support allowing condo conversions outside the lottery for buildings that†have had no "no fault" evictions (i.e., no Ellis or owner move-in evictions)?†

Yes. Tenants should have the right to pool their resources to buy units in their buildings with the consent of the owners if they want to.

4. Did you support Care Not Cash when it was on the ballot? Why or why not?

No. The measure contained troubling anti-civil liberties provisions such as mandatory fingerprinting, and giving people vouchers for various taxpayer-funded programs rather than putting cash in their hands would have effectively been a transfer of wealth from the private sector to the government sector. However I might back a similar measure that gave people vouchers to spend on food, housing, and health care without the restrictions and Big Brother elements.

5. Do you support changes that would eliminate ìinterdepartmental bumpingî (when, in the case of layoffs, more senior employees have the right to displace less senior employees in the same job classifications across departments) for management and/or technical classes in City government? Why or why not?

  Yes. City personnel decisions should be made on the basis of merit, not seniority.

6. a) Whom did you support in the November 2003 Mayoral election?
      b) Please state your reasons.

  Mike Denny. Mike was the only candidate who was seriously talking about reigning in San Francisco’s out-of-control government and letting people make their own choices.

7. a) Which current or past San Francisco elected officials do you most identify yourself with politically?
      b) Please state your reasons.

  Really, none of them. But if I had to choose one, it would be Public Defender Jeff Adachi. From what I can tell, he is a leftist of principle and integrity who has done a good job fulfilling the role of his office to provide quality legal defense for the poor, treating them with the dignity and commitment they would receive if they were paid clients.

  I wish I could think of a current or former San Francisco official whose commitment to defending people against the exorbitant cost of government seemed equal to Jeff’s passion and commitment to keeping the poor from being ground up and spit out by the legal system. But unfortunately none come to mind.

Thanks for taking the time to fill out this form!

  You’re welcome!