Plan Bay Area (One Bay Area) Public Input Meetings-- 2 Down, 7 To Go

Hi All! San Francisco's public meeting is tonight from 6-9 PM at the Whitcomb Hotel at 1231 Market. This is one of our last chances to speak out against this top-down central planners' dream to force us to live and work where they deem best. Please show up and give them a piece of your mind! I will.


In case you haven’t seen this…


The Post Sustainability Institute / Democrats Against UN Agenda 21<> and Freedom Advocates<> are launching a legal challenge to PLAN BAY AREA/ONE BAY AREA (click for a pdf of the Plan)<> PLAN BAY AREA is an aggressive implementation of UN Agenda 21's "islands of human habitation." We believe that Priority Development Areas are the new wave of implementation of UN Agenda 21 in regional plans. This prototype, when adopted in the San Francisco Bay Area, could then move across the United States. We need your help to fight this. DONATE.<>

PLAN BAY AREA is an all-encompassing land use and transportation plan that regionalizes all 9 counties and 101 cities of the San Francisco Bay Area by limiting new construction to specific locations (only 4% of the land area) and requiring high density development: more apartments and condos on top of shops. If cities want federal and state transportation dollars they will have to agree to this Sustainable Communities Strategies plan.


PLAN BAY AREA violates both the 5th and 14th amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The 5th amendment guarantees property owners the right to just compensation, and the 14th amendment guarantees equal protection.

PLAN BAY AREA violates voter-approved urban growth boundary ordinances. Even though voters all over the Bay Area have voted to determine where their urban growth boundaries should be, PLAN BAY AREA actually nullifies these boundaries by restricting development to very small locations in just some cities. The plan dictates that 80% of future residential and 66% of future commercial development must be built in these Priority Development Areas. If you own property, any property whether it’s a house or an office building, outside of the PLAN BAY AREA 4% Priority Development Area you may not be able to add a granny unit, add on to your building, or develop your lot. PLAN BAY AREA is valid for 25 years! Radical building restrictions lasting for over a generation will cripple land value and your ability to start and maintain your business or residential plans. For a pdf of the MAP please click here--orange areas are Priority Development Areas.<>

The only lawsuit which can block the implementation of Plan Bay Area is one that challenges the PLAN itself. Together, Michael Shaw of Freedom Advocates, and Rosa Koire of the Post Sustainability Institute have spearheaded this fight.

We can do this! Together. To participate in this historic lawsuit please send your generous check to:
Post Sustainability Institute
P O Box 15192
Santa Rosa, CA 95402
Please put "Lawsuit" on the memo line. All funds will be used for legal services on this lawsuit.
To donate using your credit card please click here<>

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                                                                            NOT UNDER PLAN BAY AREA

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     PLAN BAY AREA violates the 5th Amendment of the US Constitution by taking property rights without just compensation. By the creation of Priority Development Areas, this Plan restricts 80% of residential development and 66% of commercial development to just a few small areas of your city--until the year 2040. If your property is outside of the PDA (96% of property is outside) you will likely not be able to build or expand your building--and you won't be paid for this loss.

     PLAN BAY AREA violates the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution--the Equal Protection Clause. Owners of properties in the Priority Development Areas will receive development permits at a rate of approximately 80 times more than owners of property outside of the Priority Development Areas.

     PLAN BAY AREA violates voter-approved Urban Growth Boundary ordinances. Because the Priority Development Areas are within the UGBs but are much smaller restricted areas they are in violation of ordinances that clearly state that development must be encouraged out to the limits of city services: Urban Growth Boundaries. These ordinances are found throughout the Bay Area and cannot be changed without voter approval.

     PLAN BAY AREA permanently strips all development rights from rural properties in the nine county Bay Area. Plan Bay Area is effectively taking conservation easements on all rural lands without paying for them.

     PLAN BAY AREA restricts development rights of property within the Priority Development Areas, too. Construction will be limited to mixed-use high density Smart Growth development. Existing buildings are likely to be out of compliance with your city's General Plan (legal non-conforming) and permits to make additions or changes will likely not be granted.

     PLAN BAY AREA says that cities don't have to comply with it but that is a lie. If your city wants state or federal transportation dollars over the next 28 years, it will have to comply with PLAN BAY AREA. Cities have already created Priority Development Areas in compliance with PLAN BAY AREA.

   PLAN BAY AREA affects every property owner in the entire nine county 101 city Bay Area. Only the 1% big developers with their connections to elected and appointed officials will take advantage of tax credits and subsidies.

Rosa Koire, The Post Sustainability Institute, and Michael Shaw, Freedom Advocates are launching a legal action to stop PLAN BAY AREA. Their legal team is compiling the cause of action and writing objections to be entered into the legal record. Legal action is the only way to stop PLAN BAY AREA.

TO DONATE TO THE LAWSUIT: Make checks payable to Post Sustainability Institute (put Legal Fund in memo line), PO Box 15192, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

The Post Sustainability Institute is a 501 c4 non-profit. Donations are not tax deductible. All funds will be used for this legal action only.

Other supporters include: Orlean Koehle, Eagle Forum; Heather Gass, East Bay TEA Party; Jim Bennett, North Bay Independent; and many US property rights groups

Through our attorneys it has recently come to light that PLAN BAY AREA will be exempt from CEQA (Environmental Impact Report) requirements because underlying area plans have already been completed in the affected areas known as Priority Development Areas (PDAs). Completion of these underlying area plans along with their accompanying EIRs were a requirement in order for areas to quality as PDAs and to be eligible for the One Bay Area Grant program, OBAG.

Why is this important? Because an effort is already underway to ask people to donate to a fund challenging the Environmental Impact Report. Are the MTC and ABAG orchestrating this effort with their own people in order to divert our time and resources to a legal challenge that will have no validity whatsoever? In fact, PLAN BAY AREA need not complete an EIR. The areas impacted by PLAN BAY AREA have already met these requirements. The EIR being prepared by the MTC and ABAG is only being done to deceive the public and distract them from the real issues of the plan's unconstitutionality. Don't be fooled into giving money or time to a useless, baseless legal challenge to the EIR.

Hi Mike! Thanks for posting this. I did send these folks a check last week and would encourage others to do the same. In fact I'd like to see the LPSF send a check in support of the lawsuit, but as Marcy pointed out, it is not proper to support pet projects, so anyone interested in seeing the LPSF support this lawsuit, please send a check to the LPSF and mark "Plan Bay Area Lawsuit" in the memo section so that 100% of your donation goes to the Post Sustainability Institute for their legal work against Plan Bay Area. (Make check payable to the Libertarian Party of San Francisco and send to 2261 Market Street #170A, San Francisco, CA 94114.)

For a change, I'd like to see the LPSF get some credit for working with folks fighting tyranny. Plan Bay Area is a statist nightmare parading under the guise of environmentalism, and the LPSF should IMHO aid in the fight against it. I've given public comment at 3 Plan Bay Area hearings already, and anyone who has attended these sessions knows that none of our protesting will do much good, but I don't regret speaking out. At this point they are determined to wrap up this project by early summer. Nothing will stop these bureaucrats except maybe legal action in a court of law.

If you prefer to support the lawsuit directly and bypass the LPSF, that's fine too--I'm sure Rosa and her colleagues will appreciate the help and vote of confidence either way.