Plan Bay Area hearing report

Hi Marcy and All. In answer to your question, Marcy, I am just forwarding the email from Charles with more detailed information about the lawsuit hearing. We lost but there will definitely be an appeal. Please read below.




Date: June 15, 2014 at 10:47:33 AM PDT
To: C Cagnon <>
Subject: Plan Bay Area hearing report

Thursday, we had our first day in court before Judge Grillo regarding the CEQA lawsuit against ABAG/MTC and Plan Bay Area. 35-40 citizens from around the Bay Area attended an informal media statement on the courthouse steps beforehand. It was an encouraging turnout and I will distribute the edited video of the PLF and citizen statements in a few days.

Hi Aubrey and All,

Thank you! Wow. Points 1) and 2) illustrate the manner in which government will deal with technology improvements -- it ignores them. This is why I posted the announcement about Robert Bryce's talk's at the Commonwealth Club ("Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper"). Bryce maintains that technology has dealt with challenges (environmental, food, etc). However, as you can see by points 1) and 2) that fact will not deter government from plowing on with monsters such as stack & pack in the name of environmental health. So, I remain convinced that initiatives based on current "real" laws now on the books are a good response to "underground regulation." We Libertarians don't much care for the proliferation of laws; which places us in a quandary when searching for tools to fight extra-judicial governance such as Plan Bay Area. Gah! things like this always make me feel like a character inside a Kafka novel.