Pink Pistols outreach/Running For Supervisor

At least five of us from the Pink Pistols participated in the Transgender Day of Remembrance candlelight march on Sunday. We were the only ones carrying banners other than the main banner at the front of the march, so we were definitely noticed. Mark Leno showed up and spoke. According to Tom Boyer, Mark also told him privately that we did well on the No on H campaign, coming out better than expected. Dina Boyer and Kitty Castro of Tranny Talk were there with a video camera doing a few interviews, and I informally announced my plans to run for Supervisor in District 8 next year.

  Speaking of which, perhaps others in our group may want to think about running for Supervisor. All the even-numbered seats are up for election -- District 2 (Michaela Alioto-Pier), District 4 (Fiona Ma, who I believe is running for State Assembly instead of reelection), District 6 (Chris Daly), District 8 (Bevan Dufty), and District 10 (Sophie Maxwell). If multiple Libertarians want to run for the same seat, so much the better -- remember there is ranked choice voting now, and we can always endorse each other and reinforce each other's comments at debate forums.

Yours in liberty,
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