Phil Ting "Reset San Francisco" event - Saturday, 10am-1230pm (DiFi Elementary, 2550 25th Ave. @Vicente)

Anybody know anything about Phil Ting's agenda? This is the first I've heard about this. The statement at his link below doesn't really say much beyond the usual platitudes.

Love & Liberty,
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He's positioning himself in the Radical Center. He's very shrewd and seemingly without positions of his own. He's reached out to the business community as well as the Chris Daly left. He's very serious about being a politician which means we should be wary of him.

Dear Starchild and All Others

yesterday afternoon a pre-recorded message was left on my voice mail about this
event from Phil Ting. Somebody must a have a few bucks to spend.

Ron Getty

Ah, just what the city needed -- another politician in the Leland Yee / Bevan Dufty mold.

Love & Liberty,
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