Phil Berg's article on LPSF Website, Facebook

Hi All,

I just posted Phil Berg's article on money creation on the LPSF website, Facebook Group, and Facebook Page. In the Facebook Group I succeeded in uploading a great picture of Phil that I found on the Internet, but not so successful in the Facebook Page. For the website For the Facebook Page For the Facebook Group, just log into your Facebook account, and I am sure our Facebook Group is among your groups!


Hi Phil and Marcy. Thanks Phil for the article and Marcy for helping to get it posted. I got a little confused between Billy Bob and Bobby Joe, but the point was well made that nothing productive happened yet suddenly an extra $20K now existed, so that's how inflation comes about. Thanks for making a tough subject more understandable--it really is at the heart of many of the "crises" we hear about in the news. And thanks for adding to the wealth of information on our website. Look forward to more articles and wisdom from you.