Phil Berg Checking In with a meeting remindern

O.K. Maybe I didn't do the best job making this clear, but I have confirmation from Cindy for 4 till 6..

and John Diller *pretty close, from the Ron Paul folks , called to say tthat he is running for Congress and hopes to win thus having a RP type R on the ballot for Congress in 10 and wants to know if we will still run someone against him. I asked him to come to our meeting.


  You're referring to John Dennis. He's the organizer of the San Francisco Ron Paul Meetup, sits on the local GOP county central committee, and is planning to run against Nancy Pelosi as a Republican. He's come to at least a couple of our meetings before, and is a good guy who's pretty libertarian in his views, imho. My suggestion is that we try to work with him and other Ron Paul Republicans as closely as we can without compromising on our ideas, and that we see what he/they might be willing to offer in exchange for us not running a candidate in that race.

  But I suspect others in our group will no doubt have a different perspective.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Or, if Phil or any other Libertarian, is willing to give Nancy a little to worry about, work with John on common causes, similarly as Phil did with the Green candidate.