Phil Berg Checking In with a meeting remindern

Dear All,

I will stay for the social, if Cindy is there. And, yes, I agree that it is indeed "bad manners" to invite a guest to a meeting where there is no body there! I guess I could post to the Bay Area Patriots Discussion List as you suggest, Ron; however, with trepidation, given the list's hard-core conservative Republican bent. Regarding the Ron Paul group, I thought either Phil or you said John Dennis had already been invited. Has the time Cindy is coming been announced?


Dear Marcy;

Other than the last message from Phil Berg I do not know anything further about Cindy being at the meeting this Saturday or at what time or if she has confirmed being there for certain.

BTW: I do not know John Dennis or whom he is or who he be or whatever.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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