Petty Political Posturing by City Hall costs SF jobs

Three cheers for Sarosh! And good on you for following through... now what would you say to changing that "Mayor" to "Supervisor, District 1?" How much of a donation from Joe O'Donogue (or others) would it take to get you in the race against McGoldrick? 8)

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Dear All,

I want to give credit where credit is due....Sarosh wrote the article and I made only minor adjustments. Thanks to Sarosh for seeing the opportunity to get me back in the game. I've gotten quite a few good reponses from my somewhat recovered list except the Coalition for the Homeless asked to be taken off....go figure.



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Wonderful Press Release. Great timing.

Best, Michael

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> Dear Mike:
> Forgive my obtuseness, as I am so busy with teaching, studying,
research, attending class, working and the like, but does this
announcement mean that you are running for Mayor in 2008?
> Leilani
> Michael Denny for Mayor Media Release
> San Francisco, January 26, 2004
> For immediate Release
> Contact: (415) 986-7677 x123
> Petty Political Posturing by City Hall costs SF jobs
> Continuing a tradition of supreme disregard for the jobs and welfare
of working Americans, some San Francisco's Supervisors and their
political allies at City Hall have been vilifying Bechtel Corporation,
which has been headquartered in San Francisco for decades. Recent
media coverage has encouraged the grandstanding.
> Following a path already taken by many other employers, Bechtel
announced yesterday that it is relocating half the high-paying jobs at
its San Francisco headquarters to the Washington DC area. They follow
a well-trod trail of other San Francisco institutions such as Chevron,
PacBell, and BankAmerica, which have chosen to vote with their feet,
and departed the anti-business local political environment. While the
City and Bechtel are soft-pedaling the significance of the move, this
is another body blow to workers in the City who must scramble for
fewer private sector jobs. Over the last 3 years, over 30% of City
jobs have been lost, leading to a commercial vacancy rate still over
> "When will City Hall put the interests of workers and businesses
ahead of petty political posturing?" Denny demanded
> With a drop in City government revenues resulting from the business
downturn and the self-inflicted hostile environment for business, the
City has set up a "Revenue Advisory Panel", charged with coming up
with new and increased fees and taxes to impose on property owners
and the fewer remaining businesses. They need the money to pay for the
only sector to have increased staffing levels over the last 5 years --
government and the organizations in the nonprofit sector, many staffed
by political insiders and campaign workers.
> San Francisco has a City budget of about $ 5 billion per year, which
is $ 6,500 per man, woman and child in the City. This is almost twice
the next-highest per capita cost for a City-county combination in the
United States, which includes such notoriously high-cost cities like
Honolulu and Denver.
> "City Hall politicians can't improve our economic environment but
they sure can destroy it." said Denny. "It's time for San Franciscans
to start taking personal responsibility and stop sending their bills
to our businesses. Why should businesses be taxed for providing jobs
and services to our community? Our businesses shouldn't have to, can't
and will not pay."
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