Petition urging Doug Stanhope to run for president in 2012

I've started a petition to urge Doug Stanhope to seek the Libertarian Party's nomination for president in 2012. Your signature is needed!

  I strongly believe Doug is the candidate the LP and the country needs, and that he has the potential to radicalize large numbers of people and turn them on to freedom. I just saw him perform in San Jose, California last month, and he is very much on top of his game. A list of Doug's upcoming appearances can be found at U.S. states he's performing in during the rest of this year include Texas, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Pennsylvania, California, and Florida. Otherwise you can check out some of his clips on YouTube:

  Let's make sure that the Libertarian Party has a candidate in 2012 who won't be mistaken for a Republican!

Love & Liberty,
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Dear Starchild;

While you are free to as well as all of us are free to do so if you or anyone else wishes to promote someone to become the Libertarian Presidential candidate at least have the courtesy to include a bio or other information on the proposed candidate.

This is the thumb nail on Doug Stanhope from wikipedia and it does not highlight in anyway the capabilities someone needs to be president of the USA.

He is a comedian by profession and was supporter of Obama for President. I submit that these credentials are not exactly as you describe:

the potential to radicalize large numbers of people and turn them on to freedom.

I can only presume you are doing this Stanhope for President petition as a joke. Bob Barr was bad enough but to actually believe someone with absolutely zero credentials to to be president of the USA and to campaign for the president of the US as a Libertarian Presidential candidate who would represent Libertarians and Libertarianism is beyond the pale.

Libertarians get treated badly enough as jokes but to put this joker in front of non-Libertarians as the Libertarians presidential candidate and expect people to get turned on to Libertarians - no way!!!

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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  First impressions can be deceiving. I recommend watching some of his videos.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

I would like to second Ron's perspective on Mr. Stanhope, since I also believe we Libertarians are viewed by the general public more as strange than political. We have had discussions on this list on numerous occasions as to the nature of our mission, with some of us on one side declaring that pushing the envelope at all levels is effective and cutting edge; and some of us on the other side declaring such strategy totally counterproductive.