People of Lakota Launch Private Bank for Only Silver and Gold Currencies

Dear All,

Interesting article from Restore the I do not really know how this bank would operate, but I love their attitude! BTW, we know that at least 200 people understand the economic fall out caused by the Fed, since that's about how many enthusiastic End the Fed supporters participated in the Rally last Saturday.


Thanks, Marcy--and thanks very much also for participating in the End
the Fed manifestation, and for the brief report, the first I've heard.

The idea of free banking in Indian country was discussed at the national
caucus of Russell Means supporters in Dallas in March 1988. Russell
himself was enthusiastic; others were skeptical that, were such a bank
to be started, the U.S. would surely prohibit citizens from making
deposits there--prompting Honey Lanham to suggest that we could still
wrap our money around a rock and throw it over.

Dear Mike,

Ah! Very interesting that this idea was a subject of discussion by
Russell Means supporters. I would wager that there are a variety of
disparate groups among the general population that understand the
benefits of economic discipline via gold and silver.

Our manifestation on Saturday was an excellent example of groups
joining forces around a specific cause: Cindy Sheehan on the same
stage as Anthony Gregory!! Lots of energy and positive vibes. Enough
passersby stopped to take a flier from me and others, and honked
automobile horns in support, to make me feel that the fact the media
ignored the whole proceeding was the media's loss, not ours.



Given that Russell is Lakota, I assume he was behind this.

I had been pleased to get an announcement from Cindy Sheehan that she
was going to be at End the Fed, and I share your thrill at seeing her
sharing a stage with Anthony Gregory on an economics issue. I see an
interesting situation developing, with so many people opposed, for
example, to all the bail-outs, and simultaneously perceiving that the
politicians are ignoring them and continuing to favor the already rich
and powerful. There are seeds of antigovernment sentiment that I
haven't seen in 35 years.