Peace Pledge


I'm not clear what you think I'd like it to say that it's not saying. It seems straight-forward to me.

I have no objection to you signing it.

Best, Michael

I assumed part of the point of this pledge was to identify candidates who oppose U.S. government involvement in the war in Iraq. If I can sign it, then obviously it doesn't fulfill that purpose.

  Although frankly at this point, it's such a mess over there that if I were elected to Congress I'd want to take a good, hard look at the situation, and would almost certainly want to make some major changes. Exactly what changes, it's hard to say without better information, but some options might include removing U.S. troops to the northern Kurdish area of Iraq only, seeking a partition of the country, removing U.S. troops in the region to Kuwait and the Gulf States, etc., where they could still intervene if needed to keep the Iranian regime from taking over Iraq or something. Of course if it were politically feasible, I'd prefer to send U.S. government forces to Darfur, where they could probably do a lot more good.

Love & liberty,
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