PBS program "Auschwitz: Inside The Nazi State," on PBS (Channel 9), Weds. Feb. 2, 8pm (2 hours)

A friend advises,

"If you have not seen the previous two episodes, you should watch the final installment of "Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State" on PBS (Channel 9) on Wed. 2 February at 8PM (it lasts two hours). This is the final installment of the six hour program (it has been shown each of the last two Wednesdays). It has the full story including interviews with Jewish survivors and Nazi guards who worked at the camp. The program is being presented to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by Soviet troops."

On a similar note, my friend also advises:

"I just started reading a book this evening which puts this phenomenon into context [I was speculating to him about the possibility of an emerging coalition between religious fundamentalists, environmentalists, and neo-Nazi types -Starchild]. It is called Ecofascism by Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier. It is published by AK press, the anarchist publishing house in Oakland. This evening I read the first half of the book, the essay by Staudenmaier called "The Green Wing of the Nazi Party and Its Historical Antecedents" which points out that from the very beginning, the ecology movement in Germany was closely connected to the extreme right wing. For example, I just found out tonight that from this book that Ernst Haeckel, the zoologist who in 1867 coined the word 'ecology', late in life became a member of the occult group called the Thule Society which played a key role in the formation of the Nazi party! You should read this book. You could order a copy of this book thru the Anarchist Collective Bookstore at 1369 Haight St. It is only $7.00..."