Passing on compliment to LPSF

Hi Marcy! Thanks for doing all the research and public speaking. I really think you are better at speaking than you think. It's nice to hear something positive about the LPSF from an outsider, for a change.

Speaking of talks, Starchild presented A and C at the New Terrace Improvement group at the Ingleside Police Station community room last night. As always, I found his arguments sound, and unlike the meeting in Haight Ashbury last week where he was not well received by the collectivists, the folks last night actually listened to him. They were quite hard on the YES folks and darn-right on the attack with the union lady pushing A. What worked to our advantage at this meeting was Les and I both asked questions of the YES folks putting them on the spot with probing questions. While that doesn't mean the voters in the group will ultimately vote NO, at least it meant that the NO side got a decent consideration. Two ladies told Les that, although they didn't speak up, they agreed with the viewpoint that he shared (opposed to another tax). Bravo to Les (no fan of public speaking himself) for piping up with good bothersome questions and comments.
Also, when the meeting was over, and Starchild and the guy running the meeting were arguing at length over the merits of the marijuana dispensaries, Les picked up the extra copies of our opposing arguments that he brought to the meeting (that hadn't been picked up)--and conveniently also removed the extra YES on A sheets! Bravo for being slightly tacky, Les! I soon expect you to join Starchild at SF State taping up illegal posters!



There is a website for the "Committee to Protect City College". I got into it
last nite. I have been studying their promotional material that I picked up on
Monday. I plan on sending them a response and then sending a copy of my letter
to the Examiner to see I can get it published.


Great job everyone….probably one of the best activist seasons in the LPSF’s history.


Hi Les! Thanks for annoying them. How about a "Committee to Protect The Taxpayer"? Let us know how your letter turns out.