Palin Again...Uggggh

In less than two weeks after resigning office, Palin (predictably) was unable to keep her big mouth shut and embarrassed the GOP further; denouncing Obamacare as evil.

Dangling her disabled son, Michael Jackson-like, before her devotees; Palin commented that, under Obamacare, children like her son would be brought before SS-style medical boards to determine their fitness to live.

Ummm, Palin, wasn't it your friend Michael Cherthoff, Bush's reichsfuehrer SS, who issued a directive from DHS to major hospitals with guidelines as to who could and couldn't receive medical treatment in case of a 'national emergency'?

Palin is arguably the best friend the democrats have in pushing their radical, socialist agenda. As long as nitwits like her, Cheney, Rove, Limbaugh, and Beck represent the face of the GOP to independent voters, the democrats are assured of majorities for decades to come.

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