P.S. - Re: [lpsunshine] UPDATE - Straw Poll - Re: [lpusmisc] Re: [Lnc-discuss] Recap of LNC decisions pertaining to Audit Committee

There is nothing from Cloud on this thread for the conversation to make sense. And the spread between sides is nearly the difference between black and white.

And with differences of that magnitude on the board, it is a mockery of management.

One side says 2 plus 2 is five, the other side says 3 plus 2 is thirteen. Obviously there is a problem with math on the board.

I hate to belabor the point but...when there are bad choices in who to serve on the committee, the result is what the committee is...call IT whatever you will.

Then the committee does whatever IT is, tends to do.

I was drawing drawing from Forest Gump's mother's wisdom.