P.S. - Re: [lpsf-discuss] Re: Alcoholics Anonymous (was: "Coercion free for 70 years")


AA often works hand-in-hand with the state. Devout AAers in powerful positions (in diversion programs, in prisons, in DUI courts) mandate offenders attend AA meetings.

In addition, some of AA's 12-steps are irrelevant, counter-productive, or harmful.

Warm regards, Michael

This might be somewhat off-topic, but related. What you're describing is a side-effect of Bush's 'faith-based' welfare handouts, that (hopefully) Obama will scrap. Not only did these religious organisations profit from the government, they openly encouraged greater expansions of police power and the prison-industrial complex to increase their proselytising and financial gain.

It's not widely known, but Bush's bosom-buddy, the Reverend Moon was one of the largest recipients of these handouts. The rest of the evangelical right didn't fare too badly either. But Catholics, mainstream protestant and mainstream Jewish organisations were pretty much excluded.