Oyster farm

I guess the Republican and Democratic Parties side with the big-government nationalization of resources.


Years later, when gov. runs out of money, the concession will be given to their cronies. eg Russia

The oyster farm is not a "single issue" unless we consider private enterprise a single issue.

Amid the controversy stand Charles and David Koch, the billionaire
brothers who own the nation's second-largest privately held corporation
and are well-known for supporting conservative political causes, such as the tea party.
"It's pretty clear there's an overriding interest in this case," said William Robertson, dean of the Empire College School of Law in Santa
The San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed
to hear the oyster farm's case, rejected by a district court last month, the week of May 13.
Robertson said there is reason to believe the appellate court's
three-judge panel may issue a ruling that could "expand, contract or
eliminate" commercial uses, including cattle and sheep ranches, timber
and mining operations, on some federal lands.