Overcrowded state prisons / City Hall wage initiative


  Thanks -- but I was actually speaking in terms of the prison issue
being a state and national LP priority, not a local LPSF one. While
I'm sure conditions at the San Francisco city detention facilities
leave something to be desired, and I'd like to see less cooperation
from local law enforcement in feeding the state/national prison
problem, as jail overseers go the SF Sheriff's Department is probably
nowhere near one of the worst offenders. We would need much more
information on local jail conditions, imho, before proposing an
initiative. I posted the NPR piece to LPSF-discuss simply because I
thought it was excellent, and because our local forum is one where we
discuss all manner of stuff, which is something I very much like
about it.
  I definitely support a City Hall wage initiative, though I do not
think it wise to exempt police and fire officials from salary caps.
Not sure when that idea came into the mix, as I don't recall it being
part of our previous discussions around the issue. It seems to me
that exempting anyone will fuel dozens more demands for exemption.
And I think this initiative is already more likely to appeal to
conservatives than to leftists; specifically excluding two groups
with which the left does not tend to have good relations will do
nothing to bring them on board.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Thanks Starchild,

The idea to remove police and fire came from Richard Rider and a new San
Diego City Councilman he endorsed.