[OutrightSF] monitor status

Hi all,

In spite of the bad news that Judge Gray will not make it to SF Pride
this year, we have decided to keep two cars. A number of the local
Libertarian candidates will share the second car, Badnarik in the

Here is my update of the monitor status. Please sound off with
updates, as I am sure I have missed some. You can email these to me
off-list at richard@....


monitor Richard Newell training completed
monitor Ben Chavez training completed
monitor Angie Lin training completed
monitor Mary Huang training completed
monitor Sandy P
monitor Terry Floyd training completed
monitor Curt Cornell
monitor Rob Power training completed
monitor Keith Lyon
monitor Ervan Darnell
monitor Wayne
monitor Lauren Jantz
monitor Jim O'Meara
monitor Bryant Day
monitor Zander Collier training completed
booth Jeffrey Sommer
driver Michael Acree
driver Chris Maden

I spoke yesterday with Mark Stroberg, our candidate for the 13th
Congressional District, who said he would probably not be able to ride
in the car, but would be happy to volunteer time at the OPH booth on
either Saturday or Sunday. I see only one person assigned to booth duty
on this list, so you can add Mark on there. He is not subscribed to
this list, so if you let me know when you need him, I will call him and
tell him which day to show up.

Terry Floyd, Treasurer
Libertarian Party of California, East Bay Region