[OutrightLibertarians] Rob Power lying about the LRC draft platforms re: gay rights

I typically have decided to indulge myself in my new policy of ignoring Brian Holtz posts -- especially given that I am jetting around Asia at the moment -- but this was such an outrageous post that I decided to respond.

1: The LRC's proposals thoroughly "de-gay" the platform and make it clear that any strong support of LGBTQ equality, as opposed to wishy-washy language that may or may not apply to gay people, based upon interpretation, is NOT on their agenda.

2: If the LRC was serious about LGBTQ equality, it would have directly engaged with (and involved) Outright Libertarians in consultation, as every other Libertarian Party affiliated organization has done. Our membership has been more than happy to assist candidates (at all levels) and organizations (of all types) with wording and policies related to LGBTQ issues and Libertarian Party policies. Not only has the LRC not engaged with Outright, but their primary proxy in California has launched a number of very public, unethical attacks on both our national chair, Rob, and the California chair, me, including copying a private e-mail that I sent from my primary (private) e-mail address to LP of CA board members. Given this sort of behavior, any rational observer would chuckle at Holtz's assertions that LGBTQ people are part of the LRC's "strategy" -- except as a group to marginalize and remove.

3: So far, all of my contact with the LRC has been through heterosexual middle-aged white men. To my knowledge, there is not a single LGBTQ person participating in their efforts, advising them, or liaising with the queer community. Yet more exclusion by the LRC.

The last time I encountered this sort of hilarious spin, shrill attacks on queer leadership, and efforts to drive gay people in a national political party "underground" and out of the platform, it was when I was observing Republican party politics. Considering the Republican origins and agenda of the LRC, I invite queer folks and their allies to do a little digging and reflection on what Holtz and his gang are asking the LP to do with gay people -- while *completely* excluding queer folks from their platform, their process, and their verbiage.