[OutrightLibertarians] RE: [lpsf-discuss] SF Pride President Capitulates to Military Groups, Announces Bradley Manning Won’t Be Honored

Sure Mikester, I'm copying LPSF-discuss on this reply. At this point, just getting the word out about what happened on social media would definitely help, thanks! If you can let me know where you're posting and any interesting/useful reactions, that would be great. I'll try to post any further specific plans we may develop to the Outright list if someone else doesn't do so first.

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Maybe this has already been mentioned, but there is going to be a protest outside the office of the Pride Event on Monday (tomorrow) at 5 pm. That's 1841 Market Street. There is a facebook notice about the Monday protest. If this is new news for the people on this thread, I'll try to get more details. But maybe this has already been mentioned; I haven't been paying attention.

Richard Winger


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Thanks, Richard. The protest had not been mentioned on this list, so this is the first I’d heard of it. I may be able to make it. If the protest is successful in changing the Board’s position, then the problem is solved. But I didn’t want to count on change in a publicly taken position, which is why I proposed the alternative of all noncorporate/military contingents and booths prominently displaying support for Manning. That also seemed to me less likely be effectively opposed or neutralized than strategies like overtly illegal activities. My own proposal has the disadvantage of thrusting a divisive wedge in the LGBT movement—organizations would be more or less forced to side with or against Manning, with Manning or with the corporate-military complex—but I think I personally could live with that.

Support is growing: American Legion Post 315 has called for Williams’ resignation:


Maybe substantial numbers of employees of AT&T and Wells Fargo will refuse to march with their company’s contingent.

Can you give me a call?