[OutrightLibertarians] Please Sign Brad Ploeger's Petition on LP Convention Fees

I second George's message. This is a crucial issue in determining which path our party will take -- staying true to its anti-authoritarian and decentralist ideals as a bottom-up organization run by activists, or becoming a top-down organization controlled by party leaders and those who can pay-to-play. There are many good reasons to oppose floor fees / poll taxes in the LP, but here's what I wrote in the comment along with my signature:

The main justification for floor fees seems to be that hotel meeting rooms cost a significant amount of money, and that everyone taking part in the meetings should pay a share of those costs.

This ignores the fact that delegates are *volunteers* who are *doing the party a favor* by spending their time and money to come and vote on the party's business. The party is not doing them a favor by holding conventions.

Those who say otherwise might want to address the issue of whether interns or others who volunteer at the party's national office should be required to pay a portion of the office rent.

The Libertarian Party is not required to hold its conventions in fancy hotels. Many of us would prefer conventions be held in less expensive or even free locations, where lower or non-existent meeting room costs would make a floor fee superfluous.

It is wrong and unfair to require less well-heeled delegates to subsidize the preferences of those who want to meet in luxurious surroundings.

  Coming to LP conventions is an excellent way for those who are new to our movement to learn about the ideas, meet other Libertarians, and become more radicalized. If we want to remain an open and attractive party to younger, less financially well-off queers and others, we must stop these efforts to make conventions less affordable. Wayne Allyn Root's admission during the recent Libertarian National Committee meeting that "Sure, we had less people (at the California LP convention where there was a floor fee), but they were quality people" is very telling.

  I hope you will sign the petition and encourage other LP members you know to do so as well.


Love & Liberty,
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                             Outreach Director, Libertarian Party of San Francisco*
At-Large Representative, Libertarian Party of California Executive Committee (2011-2013)*

*The opinions expressed here are my own, not those of the LPSF or LPC, although I believe many others share them