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Daniel Elsberg was there. I exchanged # with two of the "electoral college" one who nominated Manning. We all see ete to eye on the problem of the war- mongering police-state. Even the former left-right divide has been obliterated by the Naziesque takeover of the political landscape.

This is another coalition building opportunity.
Starchild made a good speech to a rausing applause.

As an unintended consequence, Lisa Williams denouncing Manning will make this parade all about Manning.

The broadcast news was not there. This is another opportunity to reveal its bias also.

Can you write a statement about today's rally, possibly quoting Ellsberg, and summarizing where the momentum is going from here? I have an 8pm meeting but I'll be home by 9:30 and I can put together the release tonight for distribution by morning. It doesn't have to be lengthy or opining. It can be just-the-facts, a bit of name-dropping, and a sense of being "in the moment" ... having a finger on the pulse of what's developing. I'll be home after 9!!