[OutrightLibertarians] FW: [lpradicals] "Shrinking Big Government, Advancing Liberty" is a poor substitute for "Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom"

Mike Shipley is a American Legion Boy's State Alumnus. There is a reason why the Legion post selected him to preserve what the soldiers had fought for. They are looking for a level of fierceness, combined with intelligence and civic commitment.
So it is no surprise he would be a central figure and leading voice, along with Starchild, in the direction of the libertarian world. John

Likewise, John – good to (virtually) meet you, Jim. Glad you agree about the slogan. I just had a conversation with LP political director Carla Howell at national about this, and may pass along your message to her. If you know others who share your concern, please have them write her at <carla.howell@...>, and copy LP chair Nick Sarwark at <chair@...>.

  With Mikester (thanks also for weighing in on this, Mike!) the Legion probably got fierceness on more levels than they were expecting. :wink:

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))