Hi Everyone,

I had a good time last night at the Political Chat,
sitting there by myself, reading through my pocket
constitution from the Cato Institute. When one member
from the LPSF showed up, I was able to share some
insights and engage in some good, stimulating
conversation the rest of the evening.

I have a question; what do we do with the information
we get from people who give us their contact
information? Do we send them a backpack and a
picturesque monthly nature magazine, like some of
these environmental organizations do? Do we send them
a doomseday newsletter explaing to them why the world
will end if they don't become Libertarians, like some
of these environmental organizations do? Do we send
them a LPSF ball cap like the NRA does for their
members? Do we send them a t-shirt? Or, do we invite
them to come to one of our 'exciting' business
meetings? Or do we ignore them and continue letting
them vote in favor of oppressive government and higher
taxes? I was just wondering.

Maybe we can invite them to the Political Chat! Maybe
we can take some marketing ideas from other
organizations and send them something in the mail
(like a Mike Denny for Mayor T-Shirt with a letter
explaining his ideas). Maybe we can start a monthly,
or bi-monthly newsletter with libertarian stands on
the latest political issues and send them to all
people who give us information; this will keep them
informed of logical viewpoints to the latest news, and
maybe even get them to become libertarians. Maybe we
can sign them up for this LPSF e-mail discuss group?

I was just wondering how we keep in touch with people
who take the time to talk to us and give us contact
information, how to make things more interesting, and
the possibility of them actually registering as
Libertarians at some future point.

Dave Barker