[Out of Sequence] [Lnc-business] Executive Committee meeting [teleconference Thursday 2/13, 930pm EST]

NOTE: I'm forwarding this message which concerns a time-sensitive matter out of sequence, so that those who may be interested in participating in the LNC Executive Committee's teleconference can have the opportunity to do so. On the teleconferences where I've called in, chair (Geoff Neale) seems to be following a pattern of giving speaking precedence to the seven ExCom members (himself, vice-chair Lee Wrights, treasurer Tim Hagen, secretary Dave Blau, at-large rep. Bill Redpath, regional rep. Dan Wiener, and regional rep. Jim Lark), followed by other members of the Libertarian National Committee not on the Executive Committee, followed by others on the call, but I've yet to see persons calling in and wanting to speak not being allowed to do so at some point.

NOTE FOR THOSE NOT ON LNCDiscussPublic list: The "Out of Sequence" prefix I've been putting in the subject line of these forwards is for purposes of that list, where I've been generally forwarding LNC traffic in the order received, so that it will be more useful as an archive, with occasional messages posted out of chronological sequence on time-sensitive issues (primarily notice of these ExCom teleconferences). I also frequently tend to cross-post my own messages to the LNC to four of the other lists in the header, the Grassroots, LP Radicals, Sunshine, and LPUS lists. The first three of those lists are all devoted to specific caucuses and generally intended for people who support the views of those caucuses (though only the Grassroots list has any specific requirement to join), while the LPUS list is a general list for national Libertarian Party discussion which is open to all. Occasionally but less frequently I also cross-post messages to other lists including but not limited to some of the others listed in the header (I've been trying to mix it up a bit so that people on different lists see occasional messages). So if you're on one of those lists and want to see more LNC traffic, you might join LPUS or one or more of the caucus lists if you support those caucuses. If you want to see ALL the LNC traffic (albeit regrettably many months at this point until such time as I hopefully get caught up on posting), or read the archives there, then you're encouraged to join the LNCDiscussPublic list.

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