[Out Of Sequence] [Lnc-business] Executive Committee meeting Sunday December 29th, 12:00PM Eastern [1 Attachment]

I'm forwarding this time-sensitive message out of sequence so that anyone interested in listening to the LNC Executive Committee teleconference the chair has announced for tomorrow at noon has the opportunity to do so.

  Again they will be discussing payments to LNC members who incurred expenses as a result of the Dec. 7-8 meeting being cancelled due to weather. This was never a good idea imho, but during the last teleconference the proposal got even worse. The original plan was to use money specifically donated toward this purpose. Now the chair is proposing to spend the members' money from our general fund as well, under the aegis of his "chair's discretionary fund"!

  If you feel as I do that the LNC should be putting the Libertarian Party's resources toward fighting for liberty, and not toward things like paying for members of the party leadership to stay at nice hotels, I urge you to call in tomorrow as described below and tell the ExCom members (Geoff Neale, Lee Wrights, Tim Hagen, Dave Blau, Bill Redpath, Dan Wiener, and Jim Lark) that you want them to do the right thing and vote NO on the motion.

  As previously noted, I am myself submitting a reimbursement request only so that I can return the money back to the party where it will hopefully do some good. Most likely I will make a targeted donation to campus outreach or toward establishing a crowdfunding website. My preference would be to give those who donated the option of getting their money back or saying where it will go instead, but other members of the LNC (Dan Wiener, Bill Redpath) have spoken against me being allowed to contact the donors for this purpose.

Love & Liberty,
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