OT: "This American Life" radio show spotlights propaganda in SF government school

This email could also be titled, "Why to keep your kids out of government school."

  What follows is the transcript (from http://m.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/575/transcript ) of one segment of the popular public radio show and podcast "This American Life" (TAL), which someone posted I think on the SF Bay Area Renters Federation list.

  I wonder how many statist-oriented parents watching the school musical felt like the parent interviewed by TAL, kind of angry that their kids were being turned into mouthpieces for blatant political propaganda at a young age, and how many didn't mind because they agreed with the message (perhaps not thinking about the precedent being set, and how similar techniques could easily be used in government schools to push other messages less agreeable to them.)

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P.S. - The other three show segments, which together form an episode called "Poetry of Propaganda", are quite interesting too. TAL is a great show.