OT: Snowden statue installed in New York, promptly removed & turned over to NYPD - Sign petition to demand its return

From the petition website ( https://cms.fightforthefuture.org/snowden-bust/?t=dXNlcmlkPTUzMjMwNzExLGVtYWlsaWQ9OTY0OA== ):

Last week, a team of unidentified activist artists installed a bronze bust of Edward Snowden in Fort Greene Park.

Within hours, the New York Parks Department abruptly pulled the bust from public view and turned it over to the NYPD.

The artists are now demanding the NYPD return the sculpture so it can be displayed once more for the public. Sign the petition and demand that political expression not be criminalized.

For more information on the original sculpture and to check out the incredible hologram response by the Illumintor Art Collective, visit this link.

Background: A 100-pound bust of Edward Snowden was erected by three artists just before dawn near the park's Prison Ship Martyrs Monument on Monday April 6th on one of the three empty pedestals that face the Revolutionary War monument. The city quickly covered up the statue and police confiscated it. The bust remains in police custody today. The artists hope the sculpture is returned so it may "continue to spark healthy conversations about issues central to our freedoms, " they state.

  Their form states that "Fight for the Future will contact you about future campaigns" if you sign the petition (supplying an email address is required). If you don't want to be on their email list, and don't like being automatically signed up, I've found that a good tactic is to put in an address at the domain name of the site itself (e.g. NoSpam@FightForTheFuture.org), so that any unwanted emails they may automatically send will go right back to themselves.

  That being said, honoring one of the greatest heroes of our age seems like a very worthy cause, and I appreciate them hosting the petition. Below is a photo of the sculpture (also from the above site) before it was removed.

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All they need a simple evidence release writ from a judge.

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Whether or not that's the case (I'm not familiar with New York laws), I'm sure public pressure will help too, so please sign the petition. Any legal advice would be better directed to the petition organizers than posted here.

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