OT: San Francisco Music and Culture Charter Amendment

Nightlife advocates are proposing some governmental deck chair rearranging which appears mostly positive, but which contains a dangerous provision increasing the number of paid staff for the Entertainment Commission. (See http://www.savesfculture.com/index.html and http://www.savesfculture.com/legislation.html for info on the legislation.)

  I encourage Libertarians and allies to write to the group and to members of the Board of Supervisors and urge that this provision be dropped. Besides the points in my letter to backers (see below), you may wish to point out that the 2006-2007 Civil Grand Jury report states:

"The Entertainment Commission has a staff of four people and has requested an additional three for 2007-08. However, the record on adequate job descriptions, task tracking and performance reviews of existing staff is so spotty as to call into question just what the additional staff would do." (p. 2)

  More ominously, later in the same report the Civil Grand Jury "strongly urges the Commission to address how it can better promote the use of City facilities to generate revenue." (p. 8)

  More staff given a vague mission to "generate revenue" are *not* likely to result in an improvement to the city's climate for culture, entertainment, and nightlife!

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))