OT: Invitation from San Francisco Sheriff's Department (Mother's Day art show at County Jail #2, 425 7th St., 5/10/13, 330pm)

For those interested in going to local events and networking/lobbying with people in local politics, here's another coming up that I just got notice of -- at the jail, of all places. Well, in the lobby. Good chance to ask if you can tour the jail and talk to the prisoners and see what they say (I honestly don't know.) All I know is that most San Franciscans never (yet) see the inside of such places, and have no clue what goes on there -- which is convenient for the powers that be. But if you read SF Weekly or my posts here, you may be aware that 60% of the people in that facility have not been convicted of any crime, and are essentially incarcerated in "pre-trial detention" (something that should not occur in a civilized society except when there is an immediate threat to public safety) for being poor:


  As far as I'm concerned this is an outrage that should be front page headlines until the practice is ended. Reason magazine also had a recent piece related to this issue -- http://reason.com/blog/2013/04/18/greg-beato-on-bailing-out-the-bail-syste .

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