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This has nothing to do with the LP.

If you think it's inappropriate for this list, please let me know and it
won't happen again.

Here's the situation: I'm an independent technology consultant. I have one
fairly steady gig with customer A, but their latest payment is a little
slow. So I'm broke right now. And I've got a big fat purchase order for
customer B, which includes travel expenses to get to Austin, TX. The
problem is, I'm too broke to get to Austin to do the work and collect on
the money and the expenses.

So rather than just borrow money, which is tacky, I thought I'd get
capitalist and ask for an investment. Anyone who is willing to front the
expenses for my trip (I estimated $1,800 to the client, but I think it will
actually be less than that; I'm a big Priceline fan) will be reimbursed,
and will receive a percentage of my payment. The percentage is negotiable,
but 5% would be roughly 10% of my post-tax earnings.

If you're interested, please let me know ASAP, as the gig in Austin is
supposed to be for next week.

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