[OT] Anyone else going to the Board of Supervisors hearing today to fight criminalization of nudity in San Francisco? (City Hall Room 250, 2pm)

If you can't attend in person to speak out against this anti-freedom measure but care about civil rights, please consider making a donation to support the legal challenge to the ban (see details in message below).

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))

The problem is that these terms make opposition to stupidity into advocacy for nudity.

After 150 years, a major earthquake and fire, the city needs another law to get by?
The idea is box-of-rocks-stupid...bat-s***-crazy!!

I don't want to advocate for nudity.

I don't want to care about whether people are naked or not.

I do care whether big city leadership are such gutless weasels that they submit everybody to more laws to satisfy a few whiners and malcontents.

This is especially egregious when the laws produce different whiners and malcontents while the original whiners and malcontents will seek more laws the same way they are seeking this one.

The result will be twice the number of whiners and malcontents with half produced by the more laws that we don't need in the first place.

These are the real terms of the real problem and the reason for the defeat of anybody who would favor such insanity. The next board will repeal any such measure and hopefully, we are relevant enough, that the current board can be the next board by making a repeal unnecessary...by throwing this proposal out now.

This makes their job easier in the future and improves their political prospects.

We don't even need to look at the civil liberties issue. When local government has been so indifferent to reason for so long that it must be limited by federal protections and fundamental Constitutional arguments to protect civil liberties, we have already failed as citizens, to hold it to the standards we expect.

Office holders must face certain defeat for rational-gaps of this magnitude. Otherwise we will be fighting for our civil liberties. But allowing the issue to be fought over civil liberties, overlooks the fact that they are being box-of-rocks-stupid and bat-s***-crazy.

John F. Bechtol

Feel free to forward to the BOS.

“Everybody is a Nudist (some are just ‘in the closet’).”