OT: Airport Commission - Hearing on Airport Rules including Free Speech & Security regulations (TUESDAY, Oct. 21, 9am, City Hall)

I'm on the Airport Commission's mailing list, and received word of the following hearing of interest happening tomorrow.

  Item F on the Agenda is, "Second Public Hearing to Receive Comments on the Proposed Amendments to Rules 1 through 9 and 12 through 14 of the Airport's Rules and Regulations and to Vote on Adoption of the Proposed Amendments" (boldface added on two items appearing of greatest interest):

Section 1 - Definitions
Section 2 - Violation, Severability and Interpretation
Section 3 - General
Section 4 - Operation of Motor Vehicles
Section 5 - Aircraft Operation
Section 6 - Fire and Safety
Section 7 - Airport Security
Section 8 - Airport Environmental Standards
Section 9 - Airport Permit, Lease or Agreement Requirement
Section 12 - Labor/Peace Card Check Rule and Model Card Check
Section 13 - Free Speech and Expressive Activities
Section 14 - General Fines

  The hearing is TOMORROW (Tues. Oct. 21) in SF City Hall (Polk and Grove streets), Room 400, at 9am! I'm going to attempt to drag myself down there at that hour.

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