All the social/dating site I've seen up to now have a profile field for "politics" but only provide liberal and conservative options. Orkut (a new site affiliated with Google), is the first to provide "libertarian" and "authoritarian" options. A good sign!

-- Steve


  I was delighted to see that Orkut lists "libertarian!" I have been bugging American Singles about this issue for some time, but no progress yet. You can help by calling them toll-free at (888) 854-3803 and telling them it's important to you that they list "libertarian" as a political choice.

  The omission is particularly outrageous in their case because of the ridiculous number of left/right permutations they let you choose from: "extreme liberal," "left wing," "liberal," "left wing moderate," "moderate," "midway moderate," "conservative," "right wing moderate," "extreme conservative," and "right wing." Yes, in that order! It makes no sense. However American Singles is a huge service with many thousands of members, so if we can get them to switch it will be a coup.

Yours in liberty,
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I suspect Orkut will soon have many times as many members as American Singles. I think match.com is the biggest online dating service - maybe we could bug them?

-- Steve