Organizing the Projects to Demand Ownership

Dear Mesha and Reverend Burch,

The SF Libertarians are considering legislation calling for the
government to give residents of public housing projects title and
ownership for the property they live in removing it from government
control and financing. It's unbelievable but that was supposed to happen
until the political establishment discovered how much money could be
made "administering" public housing that never became the property of
the tenants. According to my buddies Bishop Ishmael Burch and Rev. James
McCray, this perverse program of government "justice" is the new

To be successful, the measure would require aggressive leadership from
the public housing community. Do you know brave people in public housing
who might be interested in working with us to make this an issue for the
November 2006 campaign? We have the potential for some pretty good
support from those working to make it legal for renters in
rent-controlled apartments to buy their units.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you happy Holy Days,

Michael Denny